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Since 1827 we have been delivering essential content to a community of high-level trade

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To be the must-subscribe-to news and information platform for your international supply chain needs through content that keeps you and your customers informed of the news and trends impacting the global movement of goods. Armed with the most complete picture available today of the state of the industry, JOC subscribers, event attendees, advertisers and sponsors are well positioned to make informed decisions to improve their businesses.



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JOC.com is the must-subscribe-to information portal for the
container shipping and international supply chain industry.
Business-critical, breaking industry news, expert analysis, and a
great range of actionable data allow subscribers to stay on top
of industry trends and make better business decisions.



JOC Events
JOC Events

JOC Events are the must-attend conferences for container shipping and international logistics professionals in North America, Europe and Asia.

Upcoming events include Inland Distribution Conference, TPM Asia Conference, Port Performance North American Conference, Container Trade Europe Conference, Gulf Shipping Conference & Shipper Rountables.



The Journal of Commerce 
Journal of Commerce

The only magazine dedicated to focus on transportation and logistics

Since 1827, The Journal of Commerce has been the most trusted source of intelligence for international logistics executives to help them plan global supply chains and better manage day-to-day transportation of goods and commodities in the United States and internationally.



TPM 2019

Over 2,400 professionals attended the 2018 TPM Conference,
representing 900 companies.

Headed into its 19th year, TPM continues to be the must attend
event for the trans-Pacific and global container shipping and logistics community. In addition to significant networking opportunities, the TPM Conference provides an in-depth look at the industry’s current situation through panel discussions, round tables and speeches by key industry players.




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