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Our Media Solutions

Get your message to the largest and most influential community of logistics and supply chain professionals. Engagement, influence and real buying power ... we have the industry reach that will drive real results.
Event Sponsorship 


JOC Events sponsorship presents your company as a thought leader. By supporting JOC Events, our sponsors are helping to make our conferences a valuable and memorable networking and learning experience for their customers and colleagues. Not only are sponsorships a great way to get your company
name and sales message in front of the attendees in
powerful and unique ways (webcasts, roundtables, session sponsorships, for example), sponsorship dollars help pay for special events that are included throughout the conference.


Our events include TPM, TPM Asia, JOC Inland Distribution Conference, JOC Port Performance North America, JOC Gulf Shipping Conference and JOC Container Trade Europe Intelligence Conference.

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Print Advertising


Build your brand with display advertising in the magazine that is considered an “industry essential” by the logistics and 

supply chain professional, Since 1827, The Journal of Commerce has been the most trusted source of intelligence for international logistics executives to help them plan global supply chains and better manage day-to-day transportation of goods and commodities in the United States and internationally. This information is delivered through news, analysis, case studies and perspective pieces.


Distributed bi-weekly to an audience of over 15,000, 

The Journal of Commerce’s target audience is composed of nearly 68% shippers and nearly 20% logistics service and transportation providers. Align your marketing campaigns with our related content for optimal results.


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JOC.com Advertising


JOC.com is the must-subscribe-to information portal for the
container shipping and international supply chain industry.
Real-time, breaking industry news, expert analysis, and a
great range of actionable data allow subscribers to stay on top of industry trends and make better business decisions.


Build your brand, drive traffic and collect high-quality
leads with high-impact advertising on JOC.com. Your
marketing message will be seen by more than 200,000
highly engaged visitors each month, ensuring your
campaign will be a huge success.

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Lead Generation Programs


A focused, consistent lead generation program is a critical
component of all marketing programs today. The key is
to identify the best prospects and offer your solution to
decision makers as they research and search for specific
products and information. Lead generation programs put
your marketing assets to work immediately, generating
demand for your products and solutions. Utilize our
turnkey lead generation programs to jumpstart your sales.
Work with your JOC sales representative to come up with a
program that suits your needs.


Programs can include the following types of media

Videos l Podcasts l Whitepapers l Webcasts



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JOC Webcasts extend the reach of the magazine's top-level editorial coverage to a multimedia platform with live events addressing all aspects of the supply chain.


Based on your market and objectives, we can put together the right webcast solution for you, powered by the market-leading brand and editorial team. We will put our industry expertise to work for you

Select from Editorial Webcasts, Vendor Webcasts 

or Custom Webcasts.

Click here to listen to our JOC Webcasts

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Elevate your brand’s position as a thought leader through the educational content in your whitepaper, such as a case study. These compelling documents are powerful sales tools that highlight your company’s understanding of your prospect’s challenges and the solutions you offer to address them.
Whitepapers enhance the effectiveness of your marketing programs and are a way to generate qualified leads from highly engaged professionals.
  • Dedicated marketing efforts include listing on JOC.com for 3 months, JOC Daily Newswire posting and promotions via social media platforms during the program duration.
  • Detailed reporting of all opt-in registrant information, including name, e-mail address, company, title and address sent to the sponsor on a weekly basis.

 Click below for some exaples of our whitepapers and ebook.
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JOC.com Newsletters


JOC.com targeted e-mail newsletters keep all readers up to date on the latest news and analysis within the industry.


The JOC Daily Newswire informs our readers about changes in the logistics and transportation industry each and every day.


The JOC U.S. Transport Weekly Newswire covers domestic news and analysis of trucking, rail, 3PLs, warehousing and intermodal.


The JOC Asia bi-Weekly Newswire is a compilation of JOC news and analysis covering Asia logistics.

The bi-weekly JOC Breakbulk and Project Cargo Newsletter highlights coverage of the breakbulk industry.


We also partner with leaders in the industry to create custom newsletters. Click here to see an example of a custom newsletter.

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Shipper Roundtables


The JOC is organizing a series of Shipper Roundtable events to be held throughout 2019.


These invitation-only events will include a small group of beneficial cargo owners and transportation providers.


The aim is to provide a forum for discussion of important developments happening in 2019, led by JOC editors, in a confidential environment.


Upcoming Dates
New York City, NY – June 26
Las Vegas, NV - Sept 8
Hamburg, Germany - Sept 16
Chicago, IL - Oct 21



Event Video Interviews


As part of our event sponsorships, we offer professional video interviews of your key executives onsite at JOC events.


Our Senior Content Editor will work with you to craft a compelling message.


We will edit and produce the video to be posted on JOC.com as well as your marketing outlets.



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